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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: Release Requirements
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 08:07:28 GMT
> If you tried to use the release and it is broken, you have a ground for 
> -1 vote, but if you expected a Makefile in the src folder, and it wasn't 
> there (e.g. because the build procedure is a little more involved than 
> that), you probably don't.

For what it's probably not worth, I'd like to point out that I did 
specifically NOT talk about the "source distribution" and pointedly NOT 
about the "build system". I did however talk about the 
"bin-distribution" and what jars to include there (both a bin (class), 
and an "IDE src"), it having a root-directory when unpacking the 
tarball, where the javadoc should go (and e.g. having an index.html file 
in the docs dir, to map out all other docs), and the names of these 
artifacts (I'd _E.G_ personally prefer that the rootdir and the jars 
have the version included in the actual filename)..
   However, since I was repeatedly talking about 'jars' and 'javadocs', 
I just assumed that the readers of these emails would understand that I 
wrote about java specifics. I pretty much assumed that it was given that 
the "bin-distribution" of a C project would have a different layout, but 
in my opinion, that layout should also be enforced as much as possible.

The underlying point is that for "consumers" of Apache projects, Apache 
with its multiple subprojects _could_ seem to have a consistent and 
quality _end-user_ packaging (that's not the source, folks) without 
surprises for the consumer part. It would be a huge plus for each and 
every person that have to download something from Apache, both if it is 
just some damn dependency from another project, but also if it is 
downloaded "in its own right".
   Such enforcement would really not imply any strict rules about 
anything, except for how the "end product" should in most circumstances 
be packaged (given that it can be packaged in such a way (read: 
libraries) - e.g. Tomcat probably can't).

Having people repeatedly bring up "a Makefile in a java project" is thus 
in two ways a strong indication about the person not actually reading 
the emails in the thread, or intentionally trying to derail the 
discussion: I referred to the bin distribution (they _shalln't_ have a 
bleedin' Makefile, nor a build.xml), and _java_.


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