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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: New Name for UIMA Podling?
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 21:58:53 GMT
On Oct 16, 2006, at 4:10 PM, Adam Lally wrote:
> We've been trying to think up a more fun, non-acronym name for UIMA  
> that fits in better with the spirit of the ASF.

Note UIMA is a fine name for an apache project. We have projects like  
APR and BSF and the like, too. But +1 on fun :)

> 1) Apache Honu
> "Honu" is the Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle native to the  
> Hawaiian islands.  Here is a picture: 
> honu.jpg.  Possible catchphrases:     "Robust yet agile." (Honu are  
> agile swimmers.)
>    "Tired of wading in a sea of unstructured information?  Why not  
> swim?"  (or "Drowning in a sea of unstructured information? ...")
> I think we could make a good logo out of a petroglyph-style Honu  
> image like this one: 
> Honu.gif.  (There are many examples of this style of image so I'm  
> sure we can come up with something that's not copyrighted.)

hehe. nice. Don't see a problem.

> Other reasons the current UIMA community might like this:
>    HONU = Honu was Originally Named UIMA.  (I know, it's not  
> supposed to be an acronym.  We don't have to publicize this.  :)

:). I think I like this one most, but that's purely subjective and  

> 2) Apache Maui
> "Maui" is an anagram of UIMA, and generates good visual imagery.   
> I'm sure we could come up with a nice tropical-themed logo.   
> However a possible negative for this name is that it might be hard  
> to get a high Google ranking.  (Note Honu are found on Maui, which  
> is how we originally came up with the "Honu" name.)

That's an island innit? Recently its been mentioned that naming  
things after real places/people/things that would normally be written  
with a capital letter (see: Glasgow) is not so good, and this one  
fails that criterium.

> 3) Apache Semanatee
> Semanatee = "Semantics" + "Manatee".  For a logo we could have a  
> cartoon manatee posed like Rodin's Thinker statue (with the  
> implication that the manatee was pondering the meaning of  
> something).  Since this is a made up word achieving a high Google  
> ranking should be easy.


> 4) Apache Dolphin
> A smart, agile, friendly animal.  Also can be found on Maui.

Don't see a problem, but I don't think its as fun as some of the others.

> 5) Apache Tepee
> "Home of the Unstructured Information"

Some people will say that associating apache with native americans is  
bad (yes, despite having a foundation named Apache which has a  
feather as a logo, a J2EE server named Geronimo, etc), and will say  
that many times during a long drawn out flamewar.

> Other names that came up in brainstorming:
>    Pineapple, Coconut (again with the Maui theme)

Also both okay from an ASF formal perspective, and also both quite ok  
for a logo...

>    Socrates, Aristotle (because they contemplate the meaning of  
> stuff, and UIMA is about determining meaning from information)
>    Sherlock, Poirot (because they uncover facts)

And here's the reservation-about-proper-names again.

> Feel free to state a preference for one of these or suggest  
> something completely different.

Me, personally, I like Apache Semanatee as well as Apache Honu quite  
a bit. I have to say I also like UIMA. Pronouncable acronyms is good.


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