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From Mark Little <>
Subject Re: Policy on Initial Committership
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 16:51:22 GMT
That kind of depends what you're used to now doesn't it? In some  
circles really getting involved actively can best be done (can only  
be done) with committer rights. Even if that wasn't the case, the  
interactions weren't "when's my commit coming" but "we're really  
anxious to get involved" and there was either no response, or a poor  
response at best. Not once was there a response of the kind "while  
you're waiting, why not do something that doesn't require commit  
access?" The implication from initial emails was: send CLAs, get  
committer access, then get involved. However, I feel like we've  
covered this before ;-)


On 2 Oct 2006, at 17:41, Garrett Rooney wrote:

> On 10/2/06, Mark Little <> wrote:
>> Without wanting to open up flames about what constitutes a true
>> "open" source project: if you're trying to build up a community then
>> not erecting artificial barriers to entry is a good start. I've used
>> the Redhat/JBoss example already, but there are others where the
>> communities thrive and grow because of a more "enlightened" approach!
>> Plus, sticking with what was agreed collectively prior to the start
>> of the project is another good community building act: or at least if
>> you're going to change it, do it publicly and with the involvement of
>> EVERYONE who was involved with the formation of the project.
> I'm not arguing that removing people from the list of committers was
> correct, I don't have the insight into the particular situation here,
> so I'll leave that to the mentors.  I'm just objecting to the idea
> that it's impossible to contribute without commit access.  If these
> people were really anxious to start helping out I would have expected
> to see more than "when's my commit coming" from them.
> -garrett
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