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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Re: [RELEASES] any interest in a source audit tool?
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 21:24:14 GMT
On 9/15/06, Jeremy Boynes <> wrote:
> On Sep 14, 2006, at 2:40 PM, Daniel Kulp wrote:
> >
> > I would suggest it go into:
> >
> > as it would be applicable for non-incubator projects as well.
> Unless there's something special, how about a public tree?

nothing special or confidential

> A podling it's own right?

i doubt that it'll ever be anything other than a micro-application.
it's almost impossible to create a community around anything that
small. this means it's probably unsuitable for apache.

committers has been proposed as a reasonable home for code that's
useful to apache committers but that is unlikely to attract a
self-sustaining community. AIUI there are some advantages to this in
terms of legal oversight.

if it turns out that there is public interest then the code could be
forked offshore later.

- robert

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