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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Glasgow naming: proposal
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 21:16:26 GMT
On 8/7/06, Kim van der Riet <> wrote:
> I have been somewhat surprised at the amount of debate surrounding the
> name of the proposed Glasgow project. It seems that this project has
> become entangled in an issue overdue for discussion within Apache.
> Perhaps the emotive issue of using (another) proper noun has sparked a
> much-needed debate.


> I have even been a little confused by the seemingly
> contradictory posts about resolving the naming of the project prior to
> acceptance vs. solving the issue prior to graduation.

IMHO there is no consensus about this issue and different people
disagree about the right approach. maybe a consensus will emerge.
maybe it will not.

> Being new to the process of incubation and to Apache itself, I would
> very much appreciate some clarification of the following regarding
> Glasgow: Do we need to change our name now or after acceptance?

IMHO there is not a consensus on this issue

it is possible that submitting a new proposal with a different name
may result in some of those who voted against the proposal on the
grounds of the name alone to change their minds. i can speak only for
myself, though.

> The project undertakes to abide by any policy or naming decision and make
> any necessary name changes. If need be, we could even open a separate
> thread, pre- or post-incubation-acceptance, for the purpose of finding
> an acceptable name, and invite all those who wish to do to to
> contribute.

that's probably the best way to go about finding a name

> Some clear guidelines would be very helpful.

it's hard to be clear when i can't see clearly myself

it's hard to give guidance when there is not a consensus. i can only
give my opinions

the only advice i can give is: keep doing what you're doing now: speak
out, engage in the debate :-)

- robert

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