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From "Cliff Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Too many licenses? Was: [vote] Accept Glasgow
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 18:26:58 GMT
On 8/7/06, Justin Erenkrantz <> wrote:
> On 8/7/06, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
> > It's not complicated, folks.  ASF projects consist of individuals.  Adding
> > company affiliations after each of the initial committers names suggests, to
> > some, that the day they move on to another company their contribution to the
> > project ends.  We understand why Cliff did so for himself (so that there would
> > be no misunderstanding that he has a vested interest, bravo), but that this
> > was propagated to the entire initial list of committers is very troubling.
> No, including the affiliations is standard practice.  This is the only
> way we can judge the diversity of the proposal.  If it's just names of
> folks off the street and everyone works at the same company (and that
> isn't disclosed), we have no way of estimating the true diversity of
> the project.  -- justin

Yep -- it's been fun for me to watch us go back and forth on this as I
try to advise people outside the ASF on what the best thing to do is
(since every proposer I've run into really actually wants to do the
most acceptable thing).

Robert actually touched on this issue here:,
which ends with, "It's probably best to do this in a separate section
away from the committers list."

The funny thing is that I thought that was a good approach too, until
Justin and Yoav asked for the more explicit version (the way these
folks did things) in

I understand as much as anyone that we have lots of different opinions
on these kinds of things and sometimes, some of us (including me)
think that there has been a consensus...and it's on our side.  All
that is fine, but let's all try to be a little more careful with
making value juidgements against new folks who show up and think that
one of the options used in the past is a reasonable approach.


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