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From "Jeremy Hughes" <>
Subject Re: Wicket again (was Re: incubation process for open development open source projects)
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 10:54:26 GMT
On 8/9/06, Igor Vaynberg <> wrote:
> pardon me for being so ignorant, but all i know of apache is what i read
> online and what i have observed from this list.
> it seems to me that there are a few recurring concerns about these items,
> even in the short period that i have been subscribed.
> the incubation, the releases, and the user lists - and the general feeling
> toward projects that are in the incubator.
> here are a few snippets that cast a lot of doubt on where things actually
> stand:
> > Jeremy Hughes wrote:
> > Then, in its README Axis2 should make very clear which function relies
> > on Woden and that this function isn't production ready because it is
> > reliant on an incubator podling.
> statements like these are always answered by stating that incubation does
> not reflect on code quality or whether or not a project is production ready
> - but the general negative sentiment is clearly there even if not true in
> the eyes of apache folks. and it comes up often.

I wrote this meaning that Woden isn't production ready but can now see
you could interpret my words as meaning all incubator podlings aren't
production ready - which certainly isn't the case. I hope this isn't
a' Freudian slip' on my part and if it is then is solely because I
have limited exposure to podlings other than Woden. So I apologise.

IMHO, the confusion arises because the podlings aren't *endorsed* as
Apache projects. Making a leap from that to 'is not production ready'
is wrong.


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