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From "Jeremy Hughes" <>
Subject Axis2 inclusion of Woden incubator podling
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 13:00:13 GMT
Axis2 are starting to get ready for a 1.1 release. Since 1.0, it has a
new dependency on the Woden incubator podling. This is a similar issue
to Geronimo including ActiveMQ back in March [1]. Except, unlike
ActiveMQ, Woden was never a project existing outside the ASF.

Does anyone know of any general guidance resulting from that
discussoin since then?

If not then this is my proposal: Axis2 currently depends on a snapshot
of Woden, so I think that *has* to change at least for an official
release. ie. Woden to make a new milestone release (like it's been
doing successfully for some time now) and for Axis2 1.1 to depend on
that. Of course the newly proposed incubating maven repo would be a
nice place for us to put Woden milestone releases :-)

Then, in its README Axis2 should make very clear which function relies
on Woden and that this function isn't production ready because it is
reliant on an incubator podling.

Does anyone see an issue for an official ASF project release (ie
Axis2) to contain jars from a podling (of course the jars will have
"incubating" in their name).

Any comments appreciated.



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