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From "Danny Angus" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Glasgow into Incubator
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 13:47:30 GMT
On 04/08/06, Gordon Sim <> wrote:
> Danny Angus wrote:
> > I think it is about time that we grew up and introduced a rule which
> > prevents words already used as proper nouns from being proposed as
> > project names unless there is some real and relevant on-topic
> > connection.
> Just by way of explanation, this name was proposed as (a) it is where
> the project began and (b) it is a port, which was felt to have a loose
> association with messaging. As a connection (a) is certainly real,
> though I can understand that the relevance of (b) might be viewed as
> rather tenuous.

If pressed I wouldn't think that those were good reasons, a) is just a
coincidence and b) is a pun.

A good reason would be that it had been funded by the city, or had
become associated with one if the city's institutions. like the GHC
and JAF.

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