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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: Blaze and Openness of Standards (was Re: [Proposal] Blaze)
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 15:46:31 GMT
I'm quite happy to have it come to a vote, but I would like to see  
the specification issue laid to rest before graduation :-)


On Aug 2, 2006, at 10:26 PM, Cliff Schmidt wrote:

> Brian,
> As the Champion for this proposal, I'd like to move this on to a vote.
> I just read all the related posts one more time, and I believe your
> concern below is the only one that hasn't been directly addressed (if
> I'm wrong about this, someone speak up).  So, I want to offer my
> thoughts on it and you can tell me if there is more to discuss before
> voting.  Otherwise, I'll probably start the vote within the next 12-24
> hours, unless there are other concerns that pop up.
> See below.
> Cliff
> On 7/31/06, Brian McCallister <> wrote:
>> I am still uncomfortable with the AMQP spec ownership and process for
>> two reasons.
>> 1) The pessimistic and defensive one: Entering incubation at Apache
>> implies Apache's endorsement. This is not what we mean, but it is how
>> the world will react. This endorsement is partly the point of the
>> proposal -- getting the ASF behind AMQP will give it a boost, and
>> incubation is still not well understood, even inside the ASF :-(
> I don't see this as being different from any proposal that comes to
> the Incubator that wants to implement something other than a broadly
> accepted standard.  We often get proposals for things based on some
> vendor's previously proprietary software.  Sometimes the proposal
> includes committers employed by a couple independent companies; in
> this case, there are 3-4 employers.  I definitely think we need to be
> careful about these projects, which is why I've always been a big fan
> of strong incubator branding.
> However, I do completely understand your concern about the ASF giving
> AMQP a boost too early.  So, while there may be some boost from it
> getting incubation status at Apache (which we have to weigh up with
> all new projects), your concern is the same thing that makes me
> hesitant to advocate that the ASF should join the AMQP spec group.  It
> would provide easy participation for ASF committers to the spec work,
> but it could also be a big endorsement that I don't think we should be
> giving to this group at this stage.  I get the impression that Carl
> and the others would be happy to have the ASF; I'm just not sure it's
> the right decision for us...but none of this makes me thing this
> project should not be accepted for incubation.  Do you feel
> differently?
> Cliff
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