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From david reid <>
Subject Re: Automating Report Reminders (and the Project Index)
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2006 21:54:31 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> david reid wrote:
>> Where is the information you maintain presently?
> The site is built from
>, and the specific
> stuff that you'd be looking for is in multiple locations:
>   Projects (one file per):
> ects/
>   Project menu for web pages:
> esheets/project.xml
> Perhaps the latter could be populated from the former.

Right. Basically you have an xdocs file per project in a central
location. I'd guess that moving to a DOAP + extensions RDF file would
allow the files to be used directly by projects.a.o.

> We used to use a different meta-data format, but everything was converted to
> anakia.  The key issue is that people want to be able to just do:

I have XDOCS2 in development, which is essentially a replacement for
anakia, but allows the use of XSL instead of XML. This means we can
generate pages that are generated from accumulated content in a more
straightforward manner. The downside is that it's Perl and requires some
libraries (that are conatined within the repository). It also allows for
better, more automated navigation style links to be created shown.

However, that's all for the future. I'll try and look at mapping what's
in the xdocs files you have to DOAP + extensions as a simple first step.

It'll go into my TODO list tonight.


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