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From Mark Brouwer <>
Subject Re: Jini?
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 16:46:58 GMT
Matthias Wessendorf wrote:
> I think they ended up at (see [1]). Last week or so I saw
> that and was wondering myself, b/c of the proposal here.


The current distribution of the JTSK (the Jini Starter Kit) has shown up
at but that had to do with the old website closing
down and the requirement to make the distribution available ASAP. This
has nothing to do with a change of objectives from our side.

The Sun people have been discussing with their trademark people how to
deal with the Jini trademark (as many of us feel that it would be
the proper name to maintain) and that has slowed down things
considerable. We also found out we had another trademarked name
(ServiceUI) as part of the proposal.

We had some discussions 'in private' how to deal with this [1] and
concluded last Friday to proceed this in general@incubator. I expect Jim
Hurley to follow up soon as he represents the owner of the trademark.

[1] which by now we understand is the biggest crime one can commit here
;-), we just didn't understand that it was policy to have these type of
discussion in public. It was not because we didn't want others to become

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