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From Craig L Russell <Craig.Russ...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Specifications as (part of) ASF projects (was RE: Too many licenses? Was: [vote] Accept Glasgow)
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 17:43:39 GMT

On Aug 15, 2006, at 6:57 AM, Alan Conway wrote:

> Idiotic question from complete Apache newbie: is the proposal that
> Apache should start hosting specs but would still host projects
> implementing foreign specs, or that Apache should stop hosting  
> projects
> implementing non-Apache specs?

I haven't read anything as meaning that Apache would stop hosting  
projects implementing external specs. We would have to cancel most of  
the existing projects.

And we're circling around the idea of hosting spec-writing projects  
but haven't come close to understanding the implications. And it's  
not clear to me that the project that stimulated the discussion even  
wants to have a spec-writing component.

> On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 08:34 +0100, James Strachan wrote:
>> On 8/13/06, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
>>> Carl Trieloff wrote:
>>>> -> Is Apache in the business of writing and publishing  
>>>> specifications? <-
>>>> As long as Apache is not in the business of also creating
>>>> specifications, there will be by definition some separation
>>>> between code and spec processes, and I would like to work
>>>> with the ASF to try improve this.
>>> Wait ... why can't a specification be a releasable, just like a  
>>> codebase?  The only issue, as I see it, would be enforcement of  
>>> compliance.  And Roy even put forward a proposed license  
>>> amendment for such things.
>>> As you saying that if the ASF would host the specification, that  
>>> you and the rest of the AMQP IP holders would be willing to  
>>> contribute and manage the specification here under ASF practices?
>>> I would be in favor of such an approach.  Honestly, I would  
>>> vastly prefer to have Open Specifications managed under ASF  
>>> processes than under the JCP, OASIS, etc.
>> +1
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