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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Champions: policy clarification required
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 21:48:35 GMT
Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:

> i've run into a problem. [Roles_and_Responsibilities.html] is not
> consistent with [Incubation_Policy.html]
> roles states champions can be officers or members whereas policy
> implies only members.

>From my perspective, these are all vestiges of early Incubator policy
discussions with an overemphasis on P&P language and concern over whom could
bring a project into the Incubator.

What is a Champion?  Let's see what the docs say:


  A candidate project shall be sponsored by an Officer or Member of
  the Foundation

  the Champion has no formal responsibility within the Incubation process


  A Member of the Apache Software Foundation who supports a Candidate's
  application for Incubation and who supports and assists the Podling
  through the Incubation process

In other words, the Champion is someone who helps support a project's entry
into the Incubator.  But what is the reality?  How does a project get
accepted?  A PMC votes to accept it.  So is there really any need for a
Champion to be either a Member or an Officer?  If so, what?  And who
supports and assists the project through the Incubation Process?  Mentors.
All of which begs the question of whether we should simply discard the
Champion role entirely.

Let's tie this into more of the project lifecycle.  My view is that the
project startup would be:

  - acceptance
  - bootstrap the PPMC from the PMC (assigning Mentors)
  - election by the PPMC of project contributors to the PPMC
  - election by the PPMC of Committers

We have the outstanding thread on Mentors still to complete, but if the
current proposal is adopted to clarify matters, each PPMC would have at
least one ASF Member plus any number of other interested Incubator PMC
members (all equally known as Mentors and having binding votes by virtue of
being PMC members), and such others as the PPMC elects (having non-binding

So let us continue to simplify, clean out anachronisms, and align our
processes with ASF ideals.  We're years into the Incubator now, and we have
ways of both delegating and controlling the process without over-specifying
in response to FUD.  When it comes down to it, the Incubator PMC holds all
of the binding votes.

	--- Noel

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