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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Blaze
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 18:26:16 GMT
Comments in line:

On Jul 17, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Carl Trieloff wrote:

> == Interactions with the specifications ==
> The specification is being developed by group of companies, under a  
> contract that requires the resulting work to be published to a  
> standards body.

Which standards body? What licensing terms apply to the spec?

> This model has been chosen to assure that anyone that contributes  
> to the specification grants a copyright and patient license to all  
> contributions made to the specification on every publication (draft  
> or final). This ensures that the specification will always be open  
> and implementable by anyone without royalties or commercial  
> limitations. We feel that this is a very strong model for keeping  
> this work entirely open and will fit well with the Apache project  
> enabling innovations to pass in both directions across the extended  
> community.

What are the actual spec licensing terms?

> Dealing with feedback from the Blaze project to specifications
> It is key that the best implementation and specifications be  
> created based on technical merit and practicalities for adoption by  
> both the parties developing the specification and the committers  
> within the Apache community. Given this, one of the important  
> aspects is how issues discovered during the development of this  
> implementation are incorporated back into the specifications.  The  
> following feedback loop exists to ensure that any specification  
> input incuding the Blaze community can have their feedback  
> incorporated into the specifications.


> b.) In the same spirit of Apache, if an individual has shown  
> understanding of the project and substantive contribution to the  
> specification, a vote based on technical merit and understanding of  
> the goals of the work can be initiated to have that parties  
> Employer join the specification working group. On such acceptance  
> the employer is required to sign an agreement to make sure that  
> employer also grants the ongoing and consistent licenses to the  
> work as posted in specifications.

Can individuals be a part of the specification group? Are the  
activities, decision making, and communications of the specification  
group open for observation by everybody? Can non-profits (such as  
Apache) join this specification group?


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