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From "Paul Fremantle" <>
Subject Re: Don't +1 lightly (was: Re: [VOTE] Incubator PMC to approve the 3.0-M2 release of ServiceMix)
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 13:33:33 GMT
A couple of points in relation to the discussion.

Firstly I'd like to make it clear I do not condone any "blind +1"ing.
I don't think anyone on this list does. In fact exactly the opposite.
The aim of this discussion was to come up with ways to ensure that
projects have people willing to do the hard work to validate their
releases, graduation etc.

I take your point about Yet Another Role. On the other hand it takes 3
binding +1s to do a release, and projects typically have only one
mentor. It seems to me that a few people like you Robert take on a
large part of the burden of doing detailed reviews, so I was simply
trying to figure out a way of spreading that load.


On 7/5/06, robert burrell donkin <> wrote:
> On 7/5/06, Paul Fremantle <> wrote:
> >
> > Actually this raises an interesting discussion about the Incubator PMC.
> >
> > There is kind of a tricky role for Incubator PMC members. Because most
> > of us have no knowledge or affiliation with any given one of the tens
> > of incubator projects, we find it hard to have any say, especially
> > when it comes to a vote (e.g. release, graduation).
> >
> > A few hardy souls (you know who you are - and thanks!!) get involved
> > in doing real reviews of releases or projects that they haven't got a
> > direct connection too, but on the whole its pretty quiet when it comes
> > to a vote.
> >
> > On the other hand, if its only the PMC members associated with a given
> > project who vote, then perhaps there isn't enough oversight and
> > unbiased critical validation going on.
> >
> > So here is a suggestion. Each incubator project could have nominated
> > two or three PMC members whose job is to pay attention to the project.
> > As opposed to a mentor - who is there to actively help, these PMC
> > members would be there to pay enough attention to have an input on
> > releases, status and graduation. They wouldn't need to be involved in
> > the technical aspects of the project. The focus would be on
> > understanding whether the project got the Apache way - votes,
> > releases, community. To use a trendy word - governance.
> the only downside to this plan would be to create YAR (yet another role). we
> already have sponsor, champion and mentor. it's hard enough to explain these
> without adding another one to the list. so, i'd probably prefer to reuse the
> mentor role.
> IMHO a successful incubation requires at least one mentor to adopt an active
> role.
> this is akin to the role that a chair plays in a standard project. if a
> distinction is needed between mentors then perhaps the initial ppmc
> (consisting only of mentors) could elect a ppmc chair who would adopt this
> more active mode. this would also allow (in time as the ppmc matures towards
> the end of the incubation) the chair to stand down to be replaced by a
> non-mentor and adopt a more passive role.
> - robert

Paul Fremantle
VP/Technology, WSO2 and OASIS WS-RX TC Co-chair

"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform",

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