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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: trademark issue
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 04:12:35 GMT

I just saw that Synapse has *similar* task, not same. It starts with
"If applicable, make ...".
Is this b/c there is no free section on or no "apache account" ?


On 7/5/06, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:
> Hey,
> Since the name "ADF Faces" is only a temporary one, we ask our
> community to vote on a name (We filtered the suggested names, because
> some are already used for software products; filtering means: using
> google by combining name + software).
> The result was "Trinidad". So the name for the Podling is now "Apache
> Trindidad".
> To be save about the name and our status (see [1]) file contains the
> following section, I'd like to know the *process details* on the
> "trademark issue".
> <snip>
> Make sure that the requested project name does not already exist and
> check to be sure that the name is not already
> trademarked for an existing software product.
> </snip>
> Since "" is not free to use, we did already the following:
> Our committer "Adam Winer" did a research on "Trinidad" regarding US Trademarks:
> and a user "Frank Felix Debatin" did the same for German Trademarks:
> Both came up that there are *only* Trademarks against Trinidad against
> Rum, Cigar and Tobacco.
> Now we don't know, is that what we've done so far is enough?
> I'd like to contribute this "informations" to the incubator site,
> because it is very important for others, but not sure if we are done
> or almost done, and what is still missing on the *crucial* trademark
> thing.
> Thanks!
> -Matt

Matthias Wessendorf

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