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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate Wicket
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 16:58:10 GMT
On 7/27/06, Craig L Russell <> wrote:
> > Can we take the code in the Apache incubator svn, build a release, and
> > release it on (our previous host) without branding it as
> > apache?
> "Backporting" the changes to doesn't appear to me to be an
> issue, since the Apache license is very permissive.

Legally, you may not call it Apache Wicket (if that's the name you
decide on), and as a matter of policy, I'd frown upon such
'backporting' behavior.

The problem that Roller did was that they took code that was in our
SVN repository, removed the license blocks and relicensed it to LGPL
(I think) and posted it to  In two words, "Uh, no."

In general, what I recommend projects to do is follow what SA did:

- Keep their existing 'branch' wherever it is (i.e. - do not
ever backport anything that is in the Apache SVN repository.  Treat
them as a chinese wall - nothing should mix except for the initial
code grant.  Code can only go into both repositories IF the
contributor explicitly says that it can do so or commits them into
both trees themselves.  At no time, does a 1.2.x release *ever* get
cut from our repositories.

- No releases can be cut from the Incubator until the CLAs and
software grants are on file.  (All other disclosure requirements must
be met too.)

- All new development comes to the Incubator.  We expect no more
'major' releases to be made outside of the ASF.  For example, SA
continued their 2.6x line at and released bug fixes.  SA 3.x
was developed here at the ASF.  This is my concern with Celtix and
XFire, but they both promised that no new 'major' versions will be
released - only minor bug fixes, but no new features.

- Development lists for the next release move to the Incubator lists
here, while development discussions around previous versions need to
stay where they are now.  (i.e. no discussions around cutting 1.2.x
releases on our lists.)

- User-focused lists can move to the Incubator lists now - they can
get support or whatever for older versions; but again, no development
discussions on older releases happen here.

HTH.  -- justin

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