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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate Wicket
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:52:39 GMT
Gwyn Evans wrote:
> That's the Wicket side of it - anyone have any idea about how long the
> incubation period might be expected to take?

Personally, my take on it is that the administrative side of things
should be resolvable pretty quickly - collecting CLAs, reviewing
licenses - also the process of Incubator PMC members observing how the
Wicket community operates, all of that can IMO happen quite quickly.

The thing that really will take a bit more time is simply both sides
getting to know each other - forming those human relationships. After
all, that is what holds an organisation like the ASF together in the end.

As to how long that process might take, whilst I'm pretty sure it'll be
on the quicker end of the scale, I'm not really that sure how long it
will be - to some extent it depends upon what comes up during the process.

Does anyone here have an idea what the shortest time is that a new
community might be incubated (assuming no other issues)?

Regards, Upayavira

> On 29/07/06, Eelco Hillenius <> wrote:
>> Time scale for Wicket 2.0 is to start out releasing betas within two
>> months. We plan to finish Wicket In Action the next few months - say
>> october - and we really want the 2.0 API stabilized by then, as we're
>> covering 2.0. The major changes we had in mind for 2.0 have been in
>> for a few months now, and as we have converted all the core
>> components/ projects, and most of the wicket-stuff projects, we have
>> good proof everything works (really) well. We are currently discussing
>> the last API tweaks, most notably Wicket's models, but once that is
>> done and proven, we are ready for beta.

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