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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 repo for incubating project releases?
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 06:09:03 GMT
On Jul 29, 2006, at 10:03 PM, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> On Jul 30, 2006, at 12:41 AM, Craig McClanahan wrote:
>> There are (at least) two scenarios where I believe there is  
>> legitimate cause
>> for concern with the way Maven does things:
>> * You can declare a dependency on a particular groupId/artifactId
>>  combination *without* specifying a version number.  The meaning
>>  is something along the lines of "take the latest version you know  
>> about."
>>  Thus, you could unknowingly be declaring a dependency on an
>>  incubating project if "incubating" is only present in the version  
>> number.
>>  This can be alleviated by requiring that "incubating" be part of  
>> the group
>>  or artifact identifier, which I think would be a really good idea.
> AFAIK the version still has to be set explicitly in the parent POM.  
> It certainly fails for me when I remove the version tag from the  
> dependencies. Maven gurus please correct me if I'm wrong. (I think  
> only Maven *plugin* versions can be omitted??)

That is my understanding as well. It does leave a loophole where  
someone purely using a plugin may not be aware that the project is  
incubating but I would expect that if they had reached the level of  
using the plugin they would also be using other artifacts from the  
project that would be clearly marked.

This would be avoided though if we placed the artifacts in a  
different repository (as they would have to explicitly specify the  
incubator pluginRepository).

>> * The harder problem is that Maven2 does transitive dependency
>>  identification.  If you declare an explicit dependency on module A,
>>  which itself has a dependency on incubating module B, you're not
>>  going to know that you are depending on incubating code unless
>>  you are very careful about analyzing the entire set of POMs for all
>>  your dependencies (or you generate the website and analyze the
>>  dependency report that is produced there).
> That was the case that I described. My understanding is that the  
> roots of the policy requiring to include a clear indication that  
> the code is incubating is to alert the users of the differences  
> between "Apache software" and "incubating Apache software".

AFAIK having a separate repository would not achieve this as the  
repository definition would also be extracted from the first level  
dependency's POM - in other words the transitive dependency would  
automatically be downloaded from the incubator repository with no  
action taken by the user.

> So my earlier point was that if Maven downloads a transitive  
> dependency that is third or higher degree from the root, users  
> either do not know that they got anything "Apache" at all (so no  
> unintended misrepresentation of the incubating code takes place),  
> of if they do - they will clearly see the "incubating" suffix in  
> the Maven log or local repo directory name, or the jar file name,  
> or any other number of ways. Therefore having "x.x-incubating" in  
> the version number seems sufficient.

Perhaps it would suffice to make it ASF policy that no official  
project should have a dependency on a incubating one (or such a  
dependency would be scoped as provided so that the user would have to  
explicitly include it). Outside the ASF we have very little control  
over what people do with the artifacts, although we might ask them to  
preserve the incubating status.


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