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From "Igor Vaynberg" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate Wicket
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 05:58:24 GMT
from wicket's point of view we are not really concerned with the
"brand abuse" that much. we are in no hurry to convert our packages to
org.apache.wicket and in no hurry to call our releases apache wicket.
what we are concerned about is having a way to provide wicket releases
to our existing userbase while maintaining a single infrastructure for
the project to have as-low-as-possible maintenance overhead. so i
think if we work that out - and we did outline our thoughts in the
wiki proposal - i think we will be good to go.


On 7/31/06, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
> Igor Vaynberg wrote:
> > we have been told that -incubating is nothing more then a
> > tag that the project is in the incubator and does not at
> > all reflect the quality of the release nor its readiness
> > for production use
> It is not a comment on the code quality at all, but it is a comment on
> whether or not users should expect the code to continue to be available from
> the ASF, and on whether or not (not, in this case), it in any way carries an
> ASF imprimatur.
> > the opposite view taken from the maven2 repo thread on this list
> The issue with the Maven 2 repositories is with the automated downloading of
> code from them.  Without automated downloading, the user has to manually
> take action to download code from a URL, directory and artifact all carrying
> the Incubator brand, and where-in they will see a disclaimer notice in the
> browser.  With Maven 2, that doesn't happen.  So a separate repository is to
> provide clear separation to ensure and enforce the specific opt-in.
> It is a consistent message: users should be informed and specifically opting
> to use code from the Incubator.
> > wicket might be a good example and a chance for ASF incubator to learn of
> > the needs of these existing projects that want to join ASF and how to best
> > accomodate them.
> Actually, we've been through this before, but I think that, yes, we're going
> to use Wicket as the catalyst to push the issue to a documented consensus.
> One trick is likely to be how we can reduce pain while preventing
> (potential) brand abuse.
>         --- Noel
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