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From peter royal <>
Subject [HttpNIO] MINA and AsyncWeb
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:48:05 GMT

I'm writing to see if there is interest in collaborating in a larger  
effort to develop HTTP code that utilizes NIO.

MINA <> is a framework  
here at the ASF for developing clients and servers based on NIO.  
There is also the AsyncWeb <> project  
that builds on top of MINA to create an HTTP server (not Servlet based).

AsyncWeb will likely be proposed for incubation shortly, and I wanted  
to see if there was interest from this community on some of the  
common parts between a HTTP client and server implementation.

MINA already has the nitty-gritty details of NIO worked out, so its  
just a matter of building protocols on top of it. MINA's architecture  
then makes it possible to share code on both the client and server  
sides. (MINA has the notion of a filter-chain that processes data  
read from the socket, and thus common protocol-level items can be  
implemented as a filter and then re-used on both a client and server).

I know that the HttpClient project has done extensive work on fully  
supporting the HTTP protocol, so pairing that expertise with an  
existing IO layer would be beneficial for all, I hope. (thus freeing  
this project from having to maintain the lower IO layer, and allowing  
concentration on protocol-level details). This would also mesh well  
with the HttpComponents charter, since it would provide an  
implementation of a full server that would (hopefully!) utilize your  
NIO-based components.

I've cc'ed general@incubator.a.o, as its a common spot for people  
that have this shared interest to discuss.



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