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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject [doc] ways to bring code into the ASF
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 03:30:05 GMT
This post is motivated by Noel's comment about Lucene.Net from

> For my information, I notice that the STATUS file says that this is from the
> DotLucene project on SourceForge.  How are things going with IP clearance?
> And will this web site: be coming over as the
> project's web site soon?

This caught my attention because Lucene.Net's external code base started
off as ASL. I'm one of the Cayenne mentors, and Cayenne's code base is
also under the ASL. I'm frankly not certain what all is involved in the
ip clearance process for code that is already under the ASL.

It seems there are several ways, at least, to bring in code:

1) If an external code base is already under the ASL, the podling can
simply go ahead and import the code.

Does the remaining ip loop to close involve filling out the ip clearance
template at ? This
is counter intuitive to me because that page says "This form is not for
new projects."

2) If a code base is owned by a corporate entity, it can be donated via .

3) Smaller external contributions can be made via the ip clearance
template at .

Is this correct?

I'm finding this part of the process puzzling, and I'm not finding what
I'm looking for in the incubator site docs. But if people will explain
it or point to specific podlings that sparked discussions so I can find
them in the archives, I'll assemble more info for the incubator docs.



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