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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Getting the Incubator PMC to be more responsive
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:54:04 GMT
On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 08:20:00PM +0800, Gav.... wrote:
> > I know *I* decided a few weeks ago not to spend any more time at any
> > intersection between the wider geronimo community and the incubation stuff
> > because its become obvious that my opinion on a variety of stuff doesn't
> > mesh well with the apparent consensus within that community. I haven't
> > gone so far as to set up an actual ignore filter on
> > (activemq|wadi|servicemix|...) but I might as well have. I read your
> > message
> > sort-of by accident.
> Your opinion may not mesh well at the moment, but it needs to be continued
> to be heard I would have thought.

Why? Endless discussions just annoy everyone...the ASF is a big place, and
there is plenty of room for disagreement.

> And your vote is valued as is everyone elses.

I don't have a vote on the direction of geronimo or the organisation of its
community and I shouldn't have.

> If someone raises a vote should it not be compulsory to vote on it in
> some kind of way?

Most certainly not.

> > Maybe other incubator pmc members have a similar mail-reading behaviour.
> This surely is unacceptable behaviour.

Excuse me? That's a rather bold statement...

> Why else is the Incubator PMC here
> but to sort out EVERY Incubator related Issue.

The incubator PMC is for oversight of the incubator. PMCs are not there to
do work. That's what we have volunteers for (committers and contributors
and mentors and more).

> Blocking some issues whilst
> being active in only what you find interesting is not good is it.

There is a difference between what a PMC has to do and what individuals on
that PMC have to do. There is also a difference between having no spare time
and blocking something. Blocking is when you vote -1, and even then it often
isn't blocking. When you're a volunteer, doing what interests you (or what
other motiviation you might have) is a perfectly healthy thing.


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