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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Why rewind? (Re: Let's rewind!!! (Re: [VOTE] accept donation of a business process engine into the ServiceMix project)
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 20:51:17 GMT
James Strachan wrote:

> Given it fits nicely with the existing ServiceMix incubation
> proposal I see no need for a new proposal for a donation of
> code to an existing incubating project.

We don't start to incubate a chicken, and then import a barnyard under the
same proposal, just because it fits well with a chicken.

What I am hearing is that NOT that people don't want the new material, but
that while it may fit with ServiceMix, it can also fit well with other
projects, and they want to allow that separation.

You may feel otherwise, although that is not clear to me from:

> Not really, its an orchestration engine for an ESB so as I've already
> said its very well suited to the ServiceMix project and first well
> within its scope.

We have at least two (2) ESB projects here.  Is this proposal really
ServiceMix specific?

> > - Is there no opportunity for interaction with our Existing
> > incubation project Agila?

> We'll see - lets first vote to accept the patch then let the
> community decide those things down the road.

Actually, we do try to raise these issues when planning Incubation.

	--- Noel

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