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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: CORBA Incubation setup procedures
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 02:35:49 GMT
Ken wrote:

> Before we start setting things up, I'd really like to
> call for some opinions about the proposal from *outside*
> the sponsoring TLP.

Please see the threads around "Changes to Incubator Process(es)" from
January.  There has been some call for the Incubator PMC to have more
control over what comes into the Incubator, but not everyone agrees.  And in
my view it would take some clarification from the Board to change the
current approach.  Jim was going to take that up, or so I had the
impression, but I don't know if the Board has yet considered the issue, or
simply does not see fit to comment.

A CORBA ORB can be a fairly interesting beast, although I'm all for elegant
simplicity.  Multiple realms of parts: the ORB, itself; skeleton and stub
management; IDL and DII support; CSIv2 and IIOP protocols; COSNaming (should
be tied into the Apache Directory Server); etc.  For those who didn't sit on
the CORBA Task Force, or aren't otherwise actively aware of the technology,
a simple introduction is

As of J2EE 1.3 and later, certain parts of CORBA (specifically, CSIv2 and
COSNaming) are mandatory, so I can see why Geronimo would be interested.
However, according to the the proposal, a complete CORBA ORB is proposed:

  This proposal is to build a compliant OMG CORBA server.

  The developer community will take [the initial contributions]
  as input and produce the best possible CORBA server

In light of that, this could end up heading for TLP status, perhaps with
other people who want to work on the rest of the OMG COS.

	--- Noel

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