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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: Ode / BPEL Donation of BPEL 2.0 Engine
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 12:43:28 GMT
Would it not be more expedient to have Ode as an umbrella project -  
but the goal would to be to try and find commonality between all the  
projects and see it's possible to merge?
It's a complex problem - no doubt (not because the individual code  
bases are complex - but they are completely different) - but we have  
a proposal, if it's accepted in its current form, we can as a  
community can start working with the code and assessing points of  
integration - to see how feasible it would be. If we all decide at  
that point it's not practicable to have one project - but need to  
have two or three - can't we make that decision later ? I don't know  
how the incubator is meant to work (still finding my feet) - but I  
would have thought the incubator would be able to work this way.



On 17 Feb 2006, at 11:59, Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:

> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 08:52 +0000, James Strachan wrote:
>> Integrating the two code bases together is gonna be a slow, iterative
> s/two/three/.
>> process; we're talking complex code here. It could be that to start
>> with things are completely separate, after 6 months they are 10%
>> common, 2 years 50% common etc. The figuring out "how to cut-n-shop &
>> mix-n-match" could well take 5 years as this is an ongoing iterative
>> process. Sure we'll be heading closer and closer towards a unified
>> engine but it could take a long time to get there (and pieces could
>> very well never completely merge).
> What you've described is a process where Ode is by design an umbrella
> project. I for one am not ready to accept an entire umbrella  
> project for
> incubation all at once - that's basically saying the entire discussion
> about how we're going to merge stuff is an academic discussion isn't
> it??
> I totally agree these codebases are large and complicated (remember I
> was the one who was surprised how fast people found that the Sybase
> codebase was nice and cool). If you really think the best solution is
> not to force them to merge then let's not go down the single project
> incubation path. That's a path that'll guarantee that the project will
> never graduate IMO.
> I have no problem saying we're going to incubate three different BPEL
> impls at the same time, but I am sure everyone realizes the reality  
> that
> that's likely to mean none of them will really capture a dominant  
> place
> in the world simply because 3's just too many. I guess that's fine  
> too.
> Sanjiva.
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