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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: BPEL contribution from Sybase
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 03:00:23 GMT
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Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> I don't think anyone has said that this isn't a donation to apache.   
> Every donation I have seen to apache, has either come to a PMC and is  
> sponsored as a IP donation or incubated sub project, or comes  
> directly to the incubator without a sponsoring PMC and must find one  
> (which can be the incubator PMC).  This is exactly what is happening  
> here with the Geronimo PMC.

No, it not what is happening here.  If Geronimo sponsored
BPEL as a new podling, *then* it would be.  What is happening
here is a contribution being aimed at a specific set of developers
on a specific podling in incubation.  The match between the
contribution and the podling is being questioned.

> I think that is a different case.  In that case we are talking about  
> two competing communities.  In this case, we have a donator and a  
> community that *want* to work together.

And having a separate BPEL podling does not interfere with that.
It also presents no barrier to people outside ServiceMix who
might want to work on it without having to filter non-BPEL

> I disagree.  That is like saying any contributor is exclusive because  
> they committ code to only one or two projects.  Sybase has some code  
> that want to integrate into the service mix code base because they  
> like the project and the community and want to work collaborate with  
> them.  They could have quietly showed up an built a new orchestration  
> engine in service mix, but instead they are offering some existing  
> code to start with.  What's the big deal?

Code contributed to Apache goes where the Apache community
thinks it should go, not necessarily where the contributor
does.  In this case, the would-be contributor's desired
destination is being challenged by people who think it
should be handled elsewise.
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