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From "Paul Brown" <>
Subject Re: Ode / BPEL Donation of BPEL 2.0 Engine
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:01:10 GMT
Hi, Robert --

> there are different paths to unification. it's not always best to sit down
> and try to come up with single grand unification strategy first. equally,
> it's often not best to ignore the question entirely. it is often hard to hit
> on the best design right away and then contrasting implementations
> may prove educational.

<soap:box>Here, here -- there's nothing quite like actually trying things!

PXE is on the fifth or sixth iteration for its design, starting from
an orchestration approach that FiveSight tried back in 2002.  (No
figments of the original approach remain at this point.)  We made some
mistakes, realized it, made some changes...  Lather, rinse, and

We should be taking risks, doing experiments, being self-critical, and
having fun.  I've never been happy with the willingness of the
software community at large to go back and revisit experiments when it
needs to be done, and I hope that the Ode community will be different.

It's going to be measure of our community to continuously hold
ourselves up to our vision and chart our course

-- Paul

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