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From Kenneth Tam <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Incubate Tuscany SOA Project
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 06:45:47 GMT
> > Specifically, I think the goal of providing a language/platform
> > neutral service assembly layer that's backed by an extensible set of
> > app developer models (with a shared conceptual framework) for specific
> > languages/technologies, is something distinct here.  Stuff like
> > figuring out how to work with e.g. ServiceMix being built around JBI,
> > a Java-centric standard, is definitely in the plan and seems like the
> > kind of work that would be appropriate to do while incubating.
> Agreed. Though we can work on that after incubation too :)

Yep, I think a lot of value in this kind of integration comes from it
being an ongoing process rather than a point-in-time thing.  The way
the initial seed code has evolved, we're at a point where the overhead
of opening up is definitely outweighed by the potential gains from
community involvement in this kind of exploration.

> [ integration ideas elided ]..

Glad to see so many ideas -- we know there's prior art -- many of us
are very cognizant of the proliferation of work in this very broad
space, and the value in keeping a healthy tension between adding value
/ "offering people a choice" vs. reinventing the wheel just because we
think we have a better XML configuration file format :P.

> Incidentally I've also wanted a nice Apache licensed SDO
> implementation too for some time (thats not bound to EMF :)

Heh, I thought the same thing when I got involved..


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