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From Adam Peller <>
Subject Re: AJAX Toolkit Framework Proposal
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 04:47:43 GMT

Sam has gone through the rationale on community, licensing, etc.  On a technical level, I'd
like to point out that while the tools subproject does use
 Eclipse and the WebTools project, it attempts to do so through limited, well-known APIs.
 We've been working with the Eclipse team on defects and
enhancements to find the right APIs not just for our needs, but hopefully generic APIs for
others to build extensions as well.  Once these APIs and
extension points are finalized, hopefully Eclipse will be a stronger platform as a result,
and we will be freer to focus on the functionality of AJAX
runtimes, integration with middleware, etc.  So, while tools are an enabler and Eclipse is
the platform for the tools subproject, I think the overall
mission is building a coherent set of AJAX code that fits in with existing middleware and
standards, and a community to steer it.  For that, we think
Apache is the right home.


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