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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Is the incubator out of control?
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 20:16:42 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:

> The Incubator PMC only needs to care about IP and legal blahblah,
> thus the receiving PMCs are tasked with community and brand abuse
> stuff.

Not true.  If there is community development, the Incubator PMC had better
be involved.  We're going to have to adjust things, such as Mentorship and
votes to leave the Incubator, e.g.,

  - a minimum of 3 ASF Members and/or Officers who have differing
    corporate affiliations as Mentors per project.  The sponsoring
    PMC must identify those ASF Members.  Projects who lose one or
    more sponsors -- even if they just go quiet -- must make sure
    that they regain the minimum of 3.  Existing projects that are
    not meeting the quorum will not be permitted to release any
    code, regardless of otherwise meeting Incubator release guidelines.

  - the Board will determine if there is an Incubator PMC vote to
    accept a new project, but at the moment, any PMC can vote to
    bring a new project into the Incubator, assuming that they
    otherwise meet the guidelines.  There are still guidelines
    regarding candidacy, and the Board will be encouraged to
    take a dim view of any PMC trying to game the system.

  - the Incubator PMC having the sole vote on all graduations from
    the Incubator.  The target PMC votes to accept first, and then
    notifies us that they are ready for our vote.

It is a talking point, but we may have to perform that vote even on simpler
IP imports, just to prevent gaming the system, e.g., "well, it's not really
a new project".  Actually, all of those are talking points.

	--- Noel

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