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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [doc] [draft #2] "How to graduate from the incubator" topic
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 13:52:16 GMT
On 12/23/05, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
> I spotted the same "discrepancy" myself a while back (I only found
> one podling with a STATUS file -- Beehive). Eventually it turned out
> that what was meant by the STATUS file was the podling's status Web
> page.
> > I think that was just how the derby mentor started the derby project off
> > and I was generalizing. Should I remove this reference to the project
> > repo status file?
> That sounds reasonable to me. As I understand from Noel and David's
> responses to my query, a file named STATUS is not required to exist.

I think a STATUS file is original HTTPD practice that too few ASF
projects have adopted or maintained.

In my experience, it is more difficult for someone to get started in a
community without a STATUS file that summarizes what is happening the
the project, as well as outstanding decisions. As projects mature,
there are decisions that we made months or years ago that are
difficult to document anywhere but in a STATUS file.

Some of what HTTPD now carries in the STATUS file, many projects would
now carry as part of a RoadMap, either as a manual web page or in
something like JIRA.  But, I would suggest that it would be useful to
encourage project to keep a standard record of the decisions, votes,
and reports made by a project.

Here's the STATUS file that HTTPD keeps now.


Here's what we've setup for iBATIS and Struts.



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