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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: AJAX Toolkit Framework Proposal
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:40:18 GMT
On 12/21/05, Ted Leung <> wrote:
> I'd love to have a good AJAX project here at Apache, but I'm not at
> all convinced that this is the best way to get it.   I also talked to
> Alex Russell at Dojo about coming to the ASF (at this year's OSCON),
> and the overhead thing was already on his radar.   Perhaps we ought
> to be more concerned about making ourselves attractive to projects
> like Dojo.  We already know that the corporations see the value of
> the Apache brand.   Ask yourself why a small innovative project like
> Dojo would rather stay out of the ASF.

In my experience, it's because the developers on those projects
haven't actually worked with Apache committers, only heard what other
people say about us. :)

I remember seeing a statistic once that said if a person is involved
in one open-source projects, then they are likely to be involved in
more than one open source project. I think a very valid source of new
ASF projects -- perhaps the best source -- are the other software
projects that we ourselves join.

If Dojo (or anyone else) is a good fit for for the ASF, then ASF
committers and members should be able to join that community first.
And, having joined that community, it should be a smaller step for
Dojo (or anyone else)  to turn around and join the ASF.

I do think ASF members should be inviting projects to join us -- if
they are projects that we ourselves use, and if they are projects that
we can see are a good fit for the Foundation.

But, I'm not sure if we should be accepting for incubution unproven
projects with no community track record and no prexisting ASF
participants. There are other hosts where a project can get started,
and when that project grows up and proves itself as a collaborative
entity, then that's a good time to come join the ASF.


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