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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [doc] [draft #2] "How to graduate from the incubator" topic
Date Sat, 24 Dec 2005 00:16:37 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> Actually, the STATUS file was in the context of the repo move:
>    [ ] Move svn repo from incubator to new location
>       ...
>        [ ] Project updates the STATUS file to reflect graduation
> In other words, the STATUS file in the top level directory of the 
> project's svn code repository. But!  I'm seeing that some, but not all 
> asf projects have a file at (or near) the top of the repo named STATUS.

I spotted the same "discrepancy" myself a while back (I only found
one podling with a STATUS file -- Beehive). Eventually it turned out
that what was meant by the STATUS file was the podling's status Web

> I think that was just how the derby mentor started the derby project off 
> and I was generalizing. Should I remove this reference to the project 
> repo status file?

That sounds reasonable to me. As I understand from Noel and David's
responses to my query, a file named STATUS is not required to exist.

> And doublechecking 
> against the updates to 
>, it looks 
> like the incubator status file is 
> . I had that on 
> the list as this:
>     PPMC updates${PROJECT}.html 
> with link to new website location.
> I think I should update that to this instead:
>     PPMC updates 
> with graduation status and link to new website location.

I would go with what's already in the policy, if only for consistency.
(Even though I personally prefer ${PROJECT} -- it makes it clear even
to notoriously confused people like me that the name of the file is
NOT projectname.html ;-)


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