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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject [doc] [draft #2] "How to graduate from the incubator" topic
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 04:01:14 GMT
This consolidates input from Dims, Craig, David, Dain, and Martin 
(thanks, everyone). The original thread starts at

I tried to clarify who should do what:
    - "PPMC" means the old PPMC for the graduating project.
    - "PMC" means the new PMC under which the graduating project falls 
(might be the former PPMC for a TLP)
    - "Project" means all the committers on the graduating project.

Stuff that needs to be clarified is marked by ***

What did I miss? changes? corrections?



Incubator Graduation Check List

[ ] Move svn repo from incubator to new location
     [ ] *** ? *** requests that infrastructure move svn repository
Should it be made via email to infrastructure@ or Jira issue?
     [ ] PMC updates the svn-authorization files to provide committers 
access to the newly-named repositories.
     [ ] Project verifies all committers have commit access
     [ ] Project removes the incubator disclaimer README at the top level
     [ ] Project updates the STATUS file to reflect graduation

[ ] Move web site
    [ ] PMC requests UNIX karma from infrastructure@ for committers to 
access new location on
    [ ] Project makes sure all committers know how to and have karma to 
update the new web site
    [ ] Project checks out/deploys the files in the new location
    [ ] PPMC redirects old incubator URL to the new one by editing
    [ ] Project verifies the redirect works, then deletes old stuff at
    [ ] PPMC updates${PROJECT}.html
      with link to new website location

[ ] Incubator cleanup
     PPMC updates 
project from "Currently Incubating" to "Successfully Incubated" table.

[ ] Project updates information in JIRA/Bugzilla for the project

[ ] Move mail lists
     PMC requests that infrastructure@ move mailing lists and archives.

[ ] If the graduating project wants to send out a press release, it must 
be cleared with the PRC.

Additional steps for a TLP:

[ ] A new TLP needs board approval. The PPMC creates a proposal 
including a proposed PMC chair and sends that to the board.
[ ] *** ? *** notifies infrastructure@ about the new TLP (so they can 
add DNS entries ***and anything else***)
[ ] *** ? *** updates to point to new TLP web site.
[ ] *** ? *** adds the new PMC to the board reporting schedule
(update the committee.txt file).


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