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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Is there a "no graduate" option?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 20:26:57 GMT
Please forgive if this has been discussed in the past. I respond very 
well to "go look in the archives" responses. However, since folks' 
attention seems to be pointed this way, I thought I'd ask.

As I look through the list of projects in the incubator, trying to 
figure out where I can be useful, I notice several projects that have 
been in the incubator for a LONG time.

Which got me thinking ... is there a graceful exit option? I see on the 
list that one project is listed as a "Failed incubation", which seems 
really harsh. Is there an option for "You're very nice, but you just 
don't fit at the ASF"? Or is it assumed that the two options are 
"Graduate" and "Keep trying."

If a project has been in the incubator for more than 2 years, isn't it a 
safe assumption that they're not moving along very well, and we need to 
cut them loose and let them get on with their lives?

Perhaps, as long as we're talking of establishing limits, there needs to 
be a time deadline as well. Say, if you don't graduate in X TimeUnits 
(12 months? 24 months?) then we need to find a way to gracefully say, 
this isn't going to work out. It's a disservice to the project to keep 
them hanging if there's no real progress. It's a disservice to the 
infrastructure to keep them incubating if they're never going to hatch.

This isn't necessarily failure. There are a lot of good projects that 
just don't fit here. It's not a condemnation.

Rich Bowen

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