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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Growth
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:51:46 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> On 12/21/2005 7:22 AM, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Right now any PMC can automatically ok projects into incubator. How
>> about we change that rule? So that the only pmc that can  approve a
>> proposal is the incubator PMC.


> Without putting too much thought into my response I think that the 
> Incubator PMC wields enough control given that they have the final say 
> on Incubation graduation.

Having a no vote in what enters the incubator, but only on what leaves:
1) sets up the folks doing the work for burnout due to the possibly 
large numbers of projects in at any one time. Controlling throughput is 
2) sets up a larger number of projects for failure. If there is 
(hypothetically) some compelling reason that a project isn't going to be 
graduated, then isn't it better to be able to say that at the start, 
rather than waiting for a certain number of hoops to be jumped through?

Yes, absolutely, I believe the incubator should have a vote up front to 
approve what enters the incubator.

Rich Bowen

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