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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: Re AJAX-Toolkit-Framework-Proposal
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 21:40:22 GMT
Jesse Kuhnert wrote:
> I chose tapestry as a web framework to use, and now contribute to, because I
> thought I was making the best choice as far as design and overall
> flexibility.(not to the detriment of other projects, just a personal
> choice..)  It's a shame that all of the other considerations have to flow
> into these descisions, but I'd be very broken hearted to see anything ~but~
> Dojo being used in tapestry, as it is the only reason I thought I'd have
> something to contribute to the project. I suppose that the incubation of
> this proposal shouldn't affect us, but in reality I think it will.

Tapestry is actually a good counter example to your very argument.

The ASF exerts no pressure for people to pick Struts over Tapestry, or 
for Tapestry to merge with Struts.  Of course, if people were asked, 
they would prefer a reduced number of Java web application frameworks -- 
but this is the wrong question to ask.

Another example: Geronimo initially only supported Jetty, not the ASF's 
flagship servlet container: Tomcat.  Since then Geronimo and Tomcat have 
chosen to work together to make Tomcat an option - but to the best of my 
knowledge that wasn't imposed on anybody, and Jetty will remain an 
option for the foreseeable future.

- Sam Ruby

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