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From Dan Diephouse <>
Subject Re: Incubating java projects
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 16:25:26 GMT
Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> James,
> Incubation process is not set in stone. Just last week, we voted on
> standardizing the mailing list names. So it is a mix of good
> judgement, experience, consensus and rules. If you insist we can put
> start a VOTE on pmc@incubator. I think you are part of that as well.
> I did bring up issues on the pmc@geronimo mailing lists and we
> resolved it. As to "related-ness". I'd even be ok with ActiveMQ as a
> TLP or ServiceMix as a TLP. But it does not seem right to be part of
> Geronimo as a sub project. I'd prefer ServiceMix folks to work more
> closely with WS folks or even move to WS-land. But that's another
> story. FYI, am and Guillaume Nodet did work during the hackathon on
> some stuff. But i'd like to see more closer cooperation. Especially
> for items that you need and those that affect Geronimo like JAX-WS
> 2.0/JAXB. It's not like we want all ws stuff to be in ws pmc. JSR 181
> in Beehive and WSRP4J in portals are good examples of sister projects
> that still work closely with Axis dev folks.
> Also, what does "community" means? does it mean existing folks who are
> working on the projects already at codehaus? Especially when Syanpse
> and Axis are mentioned in the proposal and we don't see anyone show up
> on the dev mailing lists, it's just fishy to say the least. FYI, this
> is not the first time i had to do this. I did this with beehive too.
> See my post in Oct 2004 articulating the same concerns with beehive.
First, I don't know what you are expecting regarding Syanpse and Axis. 
Synapse hasn't even done a milestone yet so there isn't much to 
integrate with JBI. Axis 2 has done mile stones but enough people are 
using it yet for the SM team to spend their time on it. And I think if 
you'll look closely it is already possible to work with Axis 1.x 
services in SM.

Second, I don't think you can expect SM to come to you and flop a bunch 
of code out there which makes the integration perfect. I originally came 
to the ServiceMix guys with XFire integration and thats how it got 
integrated. That in turn got me involved with ServiceMix and Guillaume 
in turn has helped XFire a little. Its reciprocal.

Also, I hope you aren't implying that ServiceMix has created an 
exclusive community of Codehaus people. I have seen the ServiceMix team 
be more than helpful to myself and to others who joined in both in and 
outside the Codehaus/Apache communitys. In fact, they MUST. ServiceMix's 
job is to not play favorites and integrate with everyone. Why must 
ServiceMix work extra close with the WS PMC? I'm sure when people start 
needing integration with WS-* projects that will happen. Thats how open 
source works right?


- Dan

Dan Diephouse
Envoi Solutions LLC

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