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From "Jean T. Anderson" <>
Subject [doc] "How to graduate from the incubator" topic
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 02:46:56 GMT
This is part of the "Incubator Guidelines Documentation" project Noel 
posted at

When Eddie and I briefly chatted at ApacheCon we agreed that there seems 
to be a shortfall of information on the steps required for moving out of 
the Incubator, and also that the steps would be different for graduating 
as a new TLP (e.g., Eddie's experience with Beehive) or graduating into 
an existing TLP (e.g., my experience with Derby into the DB project).

I'd like to initialize this topic now so we can capture JDO's experience 
of moving into the DB project (nothing like fresh experience).

Here's a starting checklist based on one I started last summer when 
Derby graduated:

[ ] Move svn repo
     [ ] Request svn repository/karma move from incubator to new location.
     ***Who should make this request? One of the project's mentors? 
Anyone on the podling pmc?
     [ ] Remove the incubator disclaimer README at the top level
     [ ] Update the STATUS file to reflect graduation

[ ] Move web site
    [ ] Obtain karma for the new location on
    [ ] Check out/deploy the files in the new location
    [ ] Request redirect from old incubator URL to new
        *** Post this request to general@i.a.o ?
    [ ] After the redirect is verified working, delete any web cruft from
    [ ]${PROJECT}.html
      update with link to new website location

[ ]
     Move project from "Currently Incubating" to "Successfully 
Incubated" table.

corrections? additions? What additional steps does graduating as a new 
TLP require?



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