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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Tuscany SOA Project
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 22:35:56 GMT wrote:
> I would like to offer development help on the proposed Tuscany SOA project.

Great - welcome aboard.

> From the Tuscany proposal, I would be interested in helping with the
> following technology areas:
>  * integration with Axis2 policy implementations for security,
>    transactions, reliable messaging

Before we can do that we need to upgrade from Axis1 to Axis2 itself. If
you look in the snapshot we posted to JIRA at then the Axis
integration is in the runtime/binding.axis module. I would suggest
having a look at the code there first

The intent is to support multiple binding implementations so we can
either modify this module or add a new one e.g. binding.axis2

>  * support heterogeneous components written in C/C++, BPEL, PHP
>    and other languages

The container integration is split between two modules: runtime/core
which is meant to be applicable to all and runtime/container.${type} for
a specific type. As you can see, is fairly basic.
Sebastien has had some thoughts on integrating a BPEL engine, I've been
thinking about integrating with the C++ implementation - were these the
ones you had in mind or another language all together?


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