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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: What if commiters are not available or have not time to project?
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 20:03:43 GMT
Sergey Vladimirov wrote:

> What will happen with project, for example, FTPServer, if nobody of
> commiters is available or have time to neither apply patches nor fix bugs?
> What can other people - not commiters - can do in this situation, if they
> have time to work with project?

We had a similar situation in the WS XML-RPC project. Three people 
(including me) offered to take over maintenance. The main problem was, 
that the original project developers haven't even been available to vote 
for us. The resolution was a vote on the parent projects (Apache WS) PMC.

The above example was (IMO) an easy case, because

- we could clearly demonstrate both our interest and the lack of
   response by referring to several threads on the xml-rpc mailing
- the three people have already been committers to nearby
   projects (Jakarta or Apache WS); in other words, we enjoyed a
   basic feeling of trust
- it wasn't just a single person, so it could easily be seen
   as community driven

To return to your question: What shows, that the situation is indeed as 
you describe it (and not just a matter of your personal opinion). Who 
and how many "other people" are interested?

Note, that you always have the choice to create a branch on (Of 
course, the branch must not use a name like "Apache FTPServer", or the 
like, but it should even be fine to keep the package names.) Indeed, I 
have maintained a branch of XML-RPC for some time at another location, 
before having the permissions to add the branch to CVS.


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