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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Is the incubator out of control?
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 09:07:32 GMT
On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 01:43:11PM +0600, Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> With a lot of due respect Roy, I think the argument that unless one
> helps with infra one does not have a right to belly-ache is absurd. Not
> everyone is infra-savvy and/or infra-interested. I refuse to accept that
> not contributing to infra reduces Ted's or my contributions to the
> foundation or the incubator.

I believe that misses Roy's point: it's not about infra - it's about
dictating an individual's effort towards or against a particular project.

The ASF has never been about telling someone else what to do.  The comments
that are being made in this thread are along the lines of "I know better
than you and you shouldn't work on this project because I think it's bad or
XYZ is better."  That is not who we are or are about: you can not make that
value decision for anyone else.

If any ASF PMC believes it is in the best interest of the Foundation to
accept a podling and they are willing to dedicate resources ("people") -
then anyone on the Incubator PMC has no standing to challenge that
decision.  When a PMC approves a podling, the only thing the Incubator PMC
can decide is whether the project can "leave" the Incubator.

Even without a PMC, if *one* of our members out there thinks a project is
worth doing and they can write something mildly resembling a charter down
on paper, that's all I need to hear for a +1.  The project *they* believe
in deserves the institutional support of the Foundation.  We can not be
second-guessing people's motives as to why they believe it's a good idea.

Cynics like me are the *worst* possible judges of what's cool and what's
not.  That's the fundamental problem I have with this entire thread: people
are trying to limit the growth or exclude projects.  How?  On what basis?

To do so is to bang our collective heads on the wall: closing our borders
is to forget where we came from and why we're here at all.  -- justin

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