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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: What if commiters are not available or have not time to project?
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 22:53:18 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> > Sergey Vladimirov wrote:
> > > Good day!
> > >
> > > What will happen with project, for example, FTPServer, if nobody of
> > > commiters is available or have time to neither apply patches nor fix bugs?
> > >
> > > What can other people - not commiters - can do in this situation, if they
> > > have time to work with project?
> >
> > Start behaving like a commiter.  You can post patches and discuss the
> > project on the relevant lists.
> +1.

These are great questions Sergey. It is all solved by
participation and community building.

The FTPServer project PMC needs to encourage people to
participate and notice that some are obviously committed to
the project. After a comfortable time has passed and they
are still committed, and demonstrate that they can repsect
and work with others, then vote for them to become new
project PMC members/committers.

As the project grows there will be more committers and so
more chance that patches will be applied promptly.

It is the responsibility of your PMC to be on the lookout
for new people.

Everyone has different ideas on what it means to become
a committer. Some guidelines are at
and also look at each top-level project's site for
their project guidelines. 

If patches are not applied in reasonable time, then this
is a sign that community health is not good. Even the
well-established projects can suffer from this at times.

If the situation continues then the incubating project
is heading into dangerous territory. Anyone can start
ringing bells as Hen describes below.

> > Eventually someone from the project (or in the case of an Incubator PMC, a
> > PMC member) will get wise to the situation and give those folks commit
> > access.  -- justin
> After a duration of time (week, whatever); you should feel free to
> nudge someone on the pmc (chair is the easiest one to find usually)
> whether a question about whether codebase XXXX is inactive or not.
> Incubator's an odd one as that nudge means it either needs to get
> reactive, or it needs to be considered as having failed incubation.
> Hen

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