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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: AJAX Toolkit Framework Proposal
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 04:17:27 GMT

Some one comes to ASF with a proposal, typically we give it our full
consideration. I can understand why cliff asked about eclipse option
(Beehive/Eclipse stuff!), but i can understand Adam/Sam's view
completely as I am on the "ASL 2.0 is good" band-wagon and i do want
ASF's stamp on everything i do. I really don't mind if Apache gets
into Eclipse tools/plugins. We do have Eclipse plugins in Axis2
project. We also have another plugin for running Geronimo inside WTP.
So it's not a new thing and the proposal has my +1.

Please pardon me for being blunt, I don't really care about what
happens inside IBM/Eclipse or who said what/when. All i know is that
we have a proposal in front of us and as a community we take it or
leave it or ask for changes if we think they are needed. As far as i
can see "since we did it before, we should do so again" is not a
strong argument for requesting a change to the proposal. FWIW, i've
been on the receiving end of unpleasant surpises as well. Take
ServiceMix/Geronimo for example. It's a fact of life here and we all
have learned to deal with it :)


On 12/20/05, Mike Milinkovich <> wrote:
> > In particular, why would taking Solomon's advice and dividing
> > the child in half be benefitial (sic) to anybody?
> Interesting question. So your assertion is that all open source code should
> be done at Apache and there are no reasonable scenarios in which another
> open source community can or should attempt to co-operate with Apache?
> I would point out that the "runtime at Apache and tools at Eclipse" is not a
> new scenario. It has been repeated numerous times with great success for
> both our communities and their mutual consumers.
> Solomon has decided many times in the past. With a strikingly different
> conclusion than what you are proposing here.
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