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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: [doc] "How to graduate from the incubator" topic
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 03:30:53 GMT
Here's a few:
[ ] Submit Infra request to move mailing lists and archives. For
example in a TLP, the ppmc list is renamed to pmc. sometimes the name
of the mailing list needs to be updated (if there is a name change
[ ] Update information in JIRA/Bugzilla for the project.

Off the top of my head a few more things for a TLP:
Infra folks have additional work for a TLP (for example they have to
add DNS entries). If it is a TLP, several locations in
needs to get updated as well. One more thing the PMC has to get on a
schedule for reporting to the board, there is a committee.txt that
needs to be updated.


On 12/18/05, Jean T. Anderson <> wrote:
> This is part of the "Incubator Guidelines Documentation" project Noel
> posted at
> When Eddie and I briefly chatted at ApacheCon we agreed that there seems
> to be a shortfall of information on the steps required for moving out of
> the Incubator, and also that the steps would be different for graduating
> as a new TLP (e.g., Eddie's experience with Beehive) or graduating into
> an existing TLP (e.g., my experience with Derby into the DB project).
> I'd like to initialize this topic now so we can capture JDO's experience
> of moving into the DB project (nothing like fresh experience).
> Here's a starting checklist based on one I started last summer when
> Derby graduated:
> [ ] Move svn repo
>      [ ] Request svn repository/karma move from incubator to new location.
>      ***Who should make this request? One of the project's mentors?
> Anyone on the podling pmc?
>      [ ] Remove the incubator disclaimer README at the top level
>      [ ] Update the STATUS file to reflect graduation
> [ ] Move web site
>     [ ] Obtain karma for the new location on
>     [ ] Check out/deploy the files in the new location
>     [ ] Request redirect from old incubator URL to new
>         *** Post this request to general@i.a.o ?
>     [ ] After the redirect is verified working, delete any web cruft from
>       /www/${PROJECT}
>     [ ]${PROJECT}.html
>       update with link to new website location
> [ ]
>      Move project from "Currently Incubating" to "Successfully
> Incubated" table.
> corrections? additions? What additional steps does graduating as a new
> TLP require?
> thanks,
>   -jean
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