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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Incubating java projects
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2005 18:02:13 GMT
On 21 Dec 2005, at 14:42, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> James,
> Incubation process is not set in stone. Just last week, we voted on
> standardizing the mailing list names. So it is a mix of good
> judgement, experience, consensus and rules. If you insist we can put
> start a VOTE on pmc@incubator. I think you are part of that as well.
> I did bring up issues on the pmc@geronimo mailing lists and we
> resolved it. As to "related-ness". I'd even be ok with ActiveMQ as a
> TLP or ServiceMix as a TLP.

Those are options we can explore in the future; for now the ActiveMQ  
and ServiceMix teams are more than happy with Geronimo as the  
sponsoring PMC.

> But it does not seem right to be part of
> Geronimo as a sub project.

I disagree. ActiveMQ is a core piece of Geronimo and one of the core  
dependencies of ServiceMix; ServiceMix also makes heavy use of XBean  
and other Geronimo features (JTA, JCA) together with being integrated  
into Geronimo. So apart from community overlap there is currently a  
greater technical dependency between ServiceMix and Geronimo than  
ServiceMIx and WS. Though that doesn't mean ServiceMix will not work  
with other WS projects - e.g. we're already using Axis in ServiceMix.  
I'm sure there will be some Tuscany <-> ServiceMIx collaboration soon  
and I'm interested in seeing a Synapse <-> ServiceMix bridge of some  
kind as well.

> I'd prefer ServiceMix folks to work more
> closely with WS folks or even move to WS-land. But that's another
> story.

Sure - we know - you've said this before and it'll happen. I don't  
think the sponsor PMC or whether or not ServiceMix is a TLP or part  
of Geronimo or WS is gonna change that too much.

> FYI, am and Guillaume Nodet did work during the hackathon on
> some stuff. But i'd like to see more closer cooperation.

See - already moving ServiceMix to Apache has led to some new  
collaboration that might not have happened otherwise :)

> Especially
> for items that you need and those that affect Geronimo like JAX-WS
> 2.0/JAXB. It's not like we want all ws stuff to be in ws pmc.

I thought you just said you wanted ServiceMix to move to WS :)

> JSR 181
> in Beehive and WSRP4J in portals are good examples of sister projects
> that still work closely with Axis dev folks.
> Also, what does "community" means? does it mean existing folks who are
> working on the projects already at codehaus? Especially when Syanpse
> and Axis are mentioned in the proposal and we don't see anyone show up
> on the dev mailing lists, it's just fishy to say the least.

Dims could you please give us a bit of time to get ServiceMix's house  
in order first before we can start collaborating with other projects  
in earnest. Don't worry there will be collaboration.


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