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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: simplifying the generation of Incubator website
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 06:00:04 GMT
Okay, i was successful with enabling the content to be
generated directly into the site-publish directory.

Please see the new documentation at

If anyone is updating from the previous release of
Forrest, then remove the incubator/build/ directory.

There are a few more enhancements that i want to do,
but the new system can be used now.


David Crossley wrote:
> Henri Yandell wrote:
> > I did a bit of Incubator generation a week or so ago.
> > 
> > Forrest was a problem, but only in that it was a bump I had to get
> > over and so I put it off for a week. When I actually attacked the
> > problem with momentum, the Forrest part was quite enjoyable. Only
> > problem is that you have to know to go look in the archives to
> > download the older version.
> I am updating things as we speak and i expect it to be much
> easier.
> > The weirdest bit for me was that we don't generate straight onto the
> > svn version of the target documents. Instead we generate, use diff and
> > then copy. It seems much simpler to generate onto the target and use
> > svn diff to confirm each difference.
> Thanks Henri. That is one aspect that i already referred to:
> > > Also the need to
> > > copy files from build/site into site-publish and then do
> > > svn add or svn remove files. I think that we can get
> > > Cocoon to generate the files directly into site-publish
> > > directory if that helps.
> The only trouble that i see with that approach is that
> one needs to remember to 'svn delete' any removed files,
> not only documents but also any CSS and images that Forrest
> might change with a future release. We will deal with
> that cleanup issue separately.
> Thanks so much for the feedback Henri. I reckon that
> you have found the main impediment.
> -David

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