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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Adding a new Project on Jakarta
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 12:06:32 GMT
On 10/17/05, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi Joao
> 2005/10/14, <>:
> >
> > >Sounds very interesting and it is similar to what was in our MINA
> > roadmap.
> > >MINA project team will provide protocol handlers for well-known
> protocols
> > >such FTP, HTTP, and SMTP on top of MINA. I guess your team has
> > implemented
> > >it without any network framework. It could be much better if we
> > cooperate.
> > >And perhaps we could cooperate with 'ftpserver' team who is already in
> > >incubation.
> >
> > I love the idea, how can we organize this? Yes (kkkk) we had implemented
> > the standart FTP commands :-P(PI and DTP) defined in the rfc959, just i
> > nightmare to understand and use. Maybe we can join forces, why not.
> OK, it sounds like you're interested enough. Then what about contributing
> your team's work by providing us some patches? It will help us to
> considering letting you and your team in to us. WDYT, Noel? Would there be
> any issue with doing this?

IMO patches from outside developers really need to original contributions of
a manageable size. contributing an existing codebase through patches makes
it hard to trace the origins of the code and may lead to legal doubts over
the code. if ftpserver is interested in the code, then this needs to be
imported corrected by obtaining the C/CLAs and so on.

however, without a community to support and develop the code, large code
contributions are just dead burdens. with a healthy community, it's easy to
rewrite bad code whereas even if a project has good code, a unhealthy
community will drag it down. a healthy community can usually add original
code quicker that it can assimilate code without a community. so, it's
usually best to try to import the community with the code.

João's project is already at sourceforce so the ftpserver folks can easily
take a look at what's already there. after a little discussion, it's usually
pretty easy to work out whether the communities are congurent enough to
successfully merge so my recommendation would be for João and the rest of
the developers to hop over to the ftpserver lists and continue the
discussion there. if things look positive, then the ftpserver project could
let us know and then the required documents for the code and for the
communities could be done together.

- robert

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